Anti-Trump Billboard Pops Up In California & Makes One Entitled Demand To All Americans

Written by JayWill7497

It’s no secret that liberals in our country aren’t happy with our current Commander-in-Chief. As expected, their temper tantrums have continued, and another anti-Trump message has been posted on a billboard that recently popped up in California. However, this one is a bit different as it makes one demand of all Americans.

We knew that it would be a difficult road if and when Donald Trump became President, but now that it’s become a reality, things are being made much more difficult for our POTUS than anticipated. Of course, he’s not afraid of a fight, but the fact that many liberal in our country have thrown an adult-sized temper tantrum for almost a year now is undoubtedly becoming quite tiresome – not just for him but for his supporters too. However, it doesn’t seem like the left is going to accept their losses anytime soon after a new anti-Trump billboard just surfaced in California, and the one demand it makes is utterly exhausting.

Courage Campaign is currently paying “$1,500 a week for a looming billboard on the Bay Bridge” in California, according to Fox 5. However, it’s not so much the placement or the cost of the sign that has everyone’s attention, but rather, the demand it makes for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The rotating billboard reads, “IMPEACH,” on a black background with a scowling photo of Trump. The display started on September 25 and is expected to run through October 1st in this location. Although there is only one billboard of this nature for Courage Campaign currently running, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of paying for the ad to run elsewhere. In fact, the goal is to add these billboards in seven Congressional districts where voters chose Hillary Clinton but sent a Republican to Washington, D.C.
Although liberals have been doing nothing but praising the demand on the sign, Trump supporters rightfully disagree. “I don’t care for it,” explained Bob Howard. “Trump was elected to be our president and we need to support him,” while another user blatantly said, “Who cares about the flakes in Cali??? They can fall into the ocean or leave the U.S.A. No loss either way.”

One infuriated Facebook user hit the nail on the head, commenting, “I almost can’t even breathe anymore with the stupidity of the campaign against the president. He won the election let him do his job. Is the opposition even beginning to think about who they might put up to run against him in 2020? That’s where their focus needs to be. Had they had a decent candidate the story would be different now. I supported Trump and I still do he is the PRESIDENT!”

Regardless of what the people who erected the billboard want the entire nation to do, Donald Trump is our elected President, and impeachment can’t happen unless there is an impeachable offense. However, they have the right to express their opinions and waste their money on silly billboards that will accomplish nothing. As the old saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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