Congress Just ENDED It For Anti-American NFL With Just One Swipe Of The Pen

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Over the past few weeks, NFL protests have metastasized into something racist and nauseating. No longer are some of these athletes content to quietly protest by sitting or kneeling through our National Anthem, as we’re now witnessing an rising number of athletes flashing black power salutes after they sack white players on the field.

President Trump has had enough, and several days ago spoke out about the NFL allowing for this to go on, telling Americans to turn off the game, while recommending NFL owners to “get that son of a b***h off the field right now … he’s fired!”

Over the weekend, these players organised massive protests across the NFL to defy President Trump, where over 200 athletes took a knee or sat, with whole teams choosing to stay in the locker room as the National Anthem played. These players have grown more and more cocky over the past week, assuming they’re unstoppable, while disregarding the will of their patriotic fans, who are at this point triggering their viewership to plummet into the double digits. As furious Americans continue to prove they have better things to do other than being bombarded with the anti-American sentiments of “oppressed” millionaires, Congress is now stepping in with an action that could destroy everything overnight for the NFL, with one simple swipe of a pen.

One thing folks don’t understand is the NFL currently gets over a billion dollars in taxpayer-funded federal subsidies. The extravagant stadiums that these entitled players continue to kneel and disrespect our country in were bought and funded by the American tax payer, where we’ve foot the bill for 20 NFL stadiums since 1997.

Over the past 20 years, the American folks have spent spent a whopping $7 billion to fix up or construct NFL stadiums, providing 46% of the total costs of these extravagant stadiums. But all that could soon change after what Congress just announced. In the U.S. Senate, there is a bill currently being assessed that would BAN the usage of federal money for the construction and financing of professional sports arenas. Conservative Fighters reports:

“In the U.S. House and Senate, there is bill currently reviewed which will ban the use of federal money for financing the construction of professional sports arenas.
Oklahoma Republican Rep. Steve Russell first presented the bill a few months ago, and now has become an interest to others as well as the NFL players continue to express their dishonor of America. The bill already has bipartisan support.

‘The federal government is responsible for a lot of important functions, but financing sports stadiums for multi-million – sometimes billion – dollar franchises is definitely not one of them,’ Rep. Russell said.

The financing is a form of community bonds that channel taxpayers’ money into the projects for construction of sports arenas.

For the past 17 years, 36 professional athletic stadiums have been built or renovated by federal tax-exempted municipal bonds. This cost taxpayers $3.2 billion dollars,” the Caller explained, quoting information from the Brookings Institute.

Advocates for the federal funding of professional sports arenas often justify the costs by pointing to economic development, but new research shows that isn’t true.

‘There is no statistically significant positive correlation between sports facility construction and economic development,’ the Journal of Economic Perspectives said.”

“Well, how about that; it turns out that there’s even more that the government and taxpayers do for those players than just show up at their games and buy their overpriced jerseys. Apparently, our hard earned tax dollars are going to help out with those stadiums that we only get to enter when we pay an additional fee,” Kat from Freedom Daily reported.

Sadly for the anti-American NFL, empty stadiums and plummeting viewership could soon be the least of their worries. If these subsidies suddenly end, all the NFL would have to fork out their own money to construct and maintain these extravagant stadiums, which means they’d have no choice but to listen to their furious fans and put an end to these protests.

As these cocky players carry on and disrespect our country, our law enforcement, and every American soldier who has fought, bled, and died to protect America, the one thing they didn’t think about was the will of the American people. After refusing to listen to their vast patriotic fanbase, at this point they’ll be incurring the full wrath of GOP lawmakers who overnight could ruin everything for them with this fantastic new piece of legislation.

Fans who want to send the NFL a message over the anti-anthem debacle have a new resource: a list of all of the NFL’s official sponsors. It is included below.

As we saw on Sunday, the NFL sided with the players, as broadcasters on the NFL games and the anchors for the NFL Network condemned President Trump’s comments and praised the protesters. Even Rich Eisen, lead anchor for the NFL Network, went on an extended rant to convince viewers that the players were morally right and President Trump was the truly disrespectful one.

The NFL Network pushed the “unity” idea, tweeting out pictures of the protesters and using the “unity” theme, and attempting to make President Trump the villain.As protests spun out of control, the NFL did their best to portray protesters in the most positive light. They then announced Sunday afternoon that they would run a promotional video called “Inside the Lines,” which was produced last year, during the Sunday Night Football telecast. They had hoped the video would somehow calm everyone down, but the video itself did little to address the real issue of the protests against the flag and the anthem, which many see as an attack on our troops and our principles of freedom.Regardless of how the NFL wants to portray the protests, fans who want to have their voice heard can now contact the official sponsors of the NFL and let them know their thoughts.

This list is compiled from a number of sources, including the NFL and the companies listed. If we are missing an official sponsor, or one of these companies is no longer a sponsor, please let us know and we will update the list.

Please be respectful when contacting these companies. Most do value your opinion, and do not deserve your anger. Direct that to the NFL and the players.This list is constantly being updated, so please check back and share it.

Anheuser-Busch – (614) 888-6644
Barclaycard US – 1 (866) 928-8598
Bose – 1 (800) 380-4831
Bridgestone – 1 (866) 775-6480
Campbell’s Soup Company – 1 (800) 257-8443
Castrol – 1-800-462-0835
Courtyard Marriott – 1-800-721-7033
Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60) – (847) 803-2000
Dannon – 1-(877) 326-6668
Extreme Networks – 1.888.257.3000
FedEx – 1 (800) 463-3339
Frito-Lay – 1 (800) 352-4477
Gatorade – 1-800-884-2867
Hyundai Motor America – (844) 462-5557
Mars Snackfood – 908-850-1753
Microsoft – 1(888) 800 4665
Nationwide – 1 (877) 669-6877
News America – 1 (800) 462-0852
Papa John’s – 1 877-547-7272
Pepsi – 1-800-433-2652
Procter & Gamble – 1-513-983-1100
Quaker – (312) 821-1000
Visa – (650) 432-3200
USAA – 1 (800) 365-8722
Zebra Technologies (847) 634 6700


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