Antifa Person Of Color HAMMERS White Antifa Guy For Being White, Tells Him To ‘Punch A Nazi’

Written by JayWill7497

At an Antifa protest in late August in Berkeley, California, that later changed violent, an fascinating contretemps between Antifa memebrs showed a non-white female Antifa member berating a white male for his lack of authenticity, motivating an escalation that ended in her hurling at him that in the end his guilt cannot be expunged because he’s WHITE.

The video starts with the 2 Antifa members strolling along as she advices him that he needs to become violent if he REALLY wishes to be accepted.

Astonished, the gangling white guy reacts, “Are you seriously – ”

You got it. She’s serious, man. “I’m seriously telling you to do the work. Yeah. Punch a Nazi. Stop being performative.”

Gangly White Guy poorly protests, “Dude, you have no idea. I put in work all the time.”

This encourages the first escalation; she states bluntly, “Punch a Nazi. Stop being performative. Punch a Nazi. Stop yelling about it. It’s about this sh**. If you’re a white ally.”

Gangly White Guy complains, “I’m trying to get him kicked out. I am! I’ve been f**king fighting for like, three months. I’ve put myself at risk for us all the time. F**k off! Somebody threw a f**king megaphone at my head!”

Then Gangly White Guy stalks off, even while she yells after him. “You’re not an ally! Punch a Nazi! The performative s**t is done! Punch Nazis! Punch them! Beat their f**king a** if you’re an ally!

Gangly White Guy yells back, “I will!”

PERFORM FOR ME, she demands: “Do it! Be about this s**t! Do it then!”

A friend of the woman’s shouts at Gangly White Guy, “You’re pathetic!”

Gangly White Guy reacts, “I was here last time! F**king fought people all day long!”

Another male friend of the woman’s yells after Gangly White Guy, “You should write your credentials on a giant board for us!”

The woman can stand it no longer; her aching need for revenge on whites encourages her undying scream after Gangly White Guy, “You’re still white! You’re still responsible!”

Some women are unsurprisingly never satisfied.

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