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Las Vegas Shooting Mandalay Bay Was Staged ~ Fake Actors (Proof)

Written by JayWill7497

I’m not positive if this is real or bogus yet.

But to all those in search of blood, guts and gore as evidence…..gunshot wounds are not like what you see in movies. It is very feasible to be shot and not spray tons of blood. In truth, some bullet wounds don’t bleed on the outside much at all.

Not stating that’s confirmation this is real….but most folks seem to not comprehend the physiology behind bullet wounds.

Are these people going to tell us 50+ got killed and stash the death certificates, again??

At 9:56 – “Mary Lou Danley….weight of 111 pounds.”!!!!! ?????? Did they have a scale to measure her weight? Why 111 lbs?? You would say “around 110 lbs”…….. Suspecting that “111” is a coded number.

Yep 450 paid actors the government hired just to make the news and terrify everyone….the 50 that “died” got a larger check than the rest….

Who can blame everyone for asking questions? Is this real or fake? Everyone interviewed, who was around the supposed gunner, such as a hotel guest or staff? There has been countless lies in past events. Specific orgs could have also chose to do a combination event of both fake and real, or create a state of hysteria based on appearances. Have not yet seen anyone who is injured in videos. Also, supposedly a firefighter is declaring many people as dead? Many questions should be raised. For instance, attempt to find some genuine bullets that were fired, and also ask questions about everyone who is injured. Likewise, if the person was allegedly firing from a hotel, then where are the accounts of noise from neighbouring rooms or the hotel, or any videos from that hotel? The folks who are giving long interviews appear very weird in their demeanor, overly calm, and extraordinarily clean. Additionally, there was an strange video of a calm person doing a slick way of demanding to utilize a truck to apparently take folks to a hospital. Please spread the word, and investigate, and ask questions.?

This is sooo fake, it makes Orlando seem believable. Check out the strategically placed US flag @0:31.?

Ok…where’s the Mandalay…(Manchester) Benefit concert going to be. A drill at an Ariana Grande concert, Now at a Jason Aldean concert. 50 crisis actors dead in Pulse drill, 50 crisis actors dead in this one.
They truly need to find some different script writers at the Synagogue in Washington DC.

how at 3 minutes this video conveniently is zoomed in far enough to cut out the whole upper half of the hotel as that officer in the yellow vest walks by. Other videos with this same particular angle do not show it this low res and close up. The 3 minute mark has been tampered with, normally you’d see those rifle flashes and cloud of smoke like I just did on another video on liveleak. I smell fake here….?

5:17 where did the typical citizens get strechers? and no paramedics. here you all take these strechers and go pick up the bodies. Ummmmmmmkay. ?

GET THE TRUTH OUT… I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET THE TRUTH OUT to family and friend’s… but there CONtrollers. have a firm grip on there mind’s.. TRUTH. Truth is hard to come by these day’s….another .DHS ..sheep x drill… take a look at that word. Sheep… rubbing it in your face “ewe” brainwashed sheeple.


Update: Attention!!!! You Tube and Google have already started censoring shit. Expect any video with truth in to be taken down!!!!!!


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