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Ever since the brutal massacre took place in Las Vegas on Sunday night after a deranged psychopath opened fire on concert goers, it’s been extremely difficult to get a straight story from the media. Many experts are crying foul over the media’s narrative that there was only one shooter, including the Las Vegas sheriff who says it was “impossible” and a former Navy SEAL who said in a recent interview that the official story “does not add up.” Now what we’ve been speculating since the shooting took place has just been confirmed, after breaking news reveals that a second shooter has just been arrested for the Las Vegas massacre.

According to Breaking News from CNN, Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Compos has just been arrested by Las Vegas authorities as being the second shooter in the massacre that took the lives of 59 and injured more than 500 others.

CNN reported:

Jesus Campos had originally been praised for his apparent heroics on October 1st, as he supposedly rushed to Paddock’s suite, was shot in the upper thigh through the door, and continued to help get people to safety despite his wounds. However, FBI officials involved in the investigation now believe he was an accomplice of Paddock’s, and was involved in the initial shooting as a second gunman from the other broken window in Paddock’s 32nd-floor room.

According to a senior FBI official, authorities became suspicions by the extreme amount of gunpowder residue found on Campos’ hands and inconsistencies in his timeline of events. “We believe he killed Paddock, shot holes through the door and his own arm to produce physical evidence for his cover story, then went and lay next to the elevator,” the FBI official told CNN.
An anonymous source working on the investigation told CNN that authorities are now in possession of security footage showing Campos smuggling the firearms used in the massacre in through a Mandalay Bay loading dock in the days leading up to the event.

Here is the link to the story about the comments made by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, the tweets have been verified to be real:


Here is the link to the original post:…

It’s a relief that finally the truth about that night is finally being revealed, despite the mainstream media continuing to push the narrative of a one-shooter operation since that fateful night. Many experts have said that it would’ve been impossible for the shooter to fire off as many rounds as he did.

Here’s what the former Navy SEAL, only identified as “Mike” had to say about the narrative of there only being one shooter, via Gateway Pundit:
“With this presser, I am finally getting a straight answer as to how long this guy was shooting.”

Anytime you look into it something like this, you have to ask the question “who benefits from it”?

1. George Soros bet Millions against Mandalay Bay/MGM last quarter. Why?
2. Lead FBI agent assigned to Vegas tragedy is Aaron Rouse, son-in-law of John Podesta.
3. It has been determined through leaked emails that John Podesta and George Soros have close ties.
4. Hillary Clinton came out immediately attacked the NRA and guns for political purposes.
5. Targeting a country music festival would have the most Trump supporters attending.

I will let you make your own judgement.

The scene is setup half ass, and no backup in sight. Also George Soros did a little betting before hand, and made $42 million. So he knew the attack would take place. I think people got hurt, but many were crisis actors. Everything leads back to Soros and the Democrats.

Liberals are attempting to take over America, can’t speak against anyone, got to avoid hurting a liberal’s feelings, say no to bullying-while a liberal punches you, don’t lie-while a liberal lies, no free speech-while a liberal speaks to the crowds, no guns-while a liberal points one at you, be a fair winner-while the losing liberal whines about it, for women’s rights-while a liberal supports Muslims/refugees, for gay marriage-while a liberal speaks against it, must obey the law- while liberals hide email servers/second phones, delete emails/bleach a subpoenaed hard drive (just say your sorry, it’s all OK now)- must tell the truth-while liberals lie under oath (Clinton’s, head of FBI, CIA, Congress, senators, etc . With no consequences)-am for different races-while supporting abortion, pedophiles, criminals. …liberals will say and do anything for a vote-Yes even lie to your faces, commit crimes, and be openly hypocritical. Next time I hope a crazy gun man is not a liberal, so we can actually get some justice, or perhaps our military will point out enough is enough and go drain the swamp at gun point and march their assess right to jail, with no passing go, then and only then will we be free.


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