‘You’re Stupid!’ McCain Explodes At Reporter, Angry After His ‘Dirty Secret’ Got Exposed

Written by JayWill7497

Senator John McCain completely lost his mind when a Fox News reporter asked him a certain question about President Donald Trump, calling the reporter “stupid” and the question “dumb.” McCain was so pissed off, he turned red as he spat vile things at the reporter, Peter Doocy, totally humiliating him. Well, now, we know why. McCain exploded as a way to hide his “dirty secret” that just got exposed. You don’t want to miss this.

John McCain is showing his true colors as the number one traitor to President Donald Trump’s agenda. McCain has joined forces with the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton clans, making sure he is a thorn in the side not just of Trump but of the American people who elected him. Never was it so evident as when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy caught up to McCain and tried to ask him a question, saying, “Is your relationship so frayed with the president that you will refuse anything that he comes to you…”

At that point, crazed McCain cut him off and jumped down Doocy’s throat. “Why would you say something that stupid?” McCain demanded to know. Turning red and looking like he is going to smack Doocy, the senator went on to humiliate him, saying, “Why would you ask something so dumb? Huh?” The way McCain emphasized the words “you” and “stupid,” he was clearly calling Doocy stupid and dumb, not just asking the question.
This is, of course, how McCain rolls. He used his anger to bully Doocy and avoid the question that every American was already thinking: “Will McCain continue to thwart Trump on legislation?” Doocy simply asked what we are all wondering, and McCain, whose new nickname is “McCrazy” with Capitol Hill interns, was pissed off that someone asked him about the “elephant in the room.” Unfortunately for him, his reaction exposed his dirty secret. McCain has sold his soul to the dark side, with George Soros paying him big bucks, and he is central to the plan to stop Trump’s agenda.

The Daily Caller reports, “There has been a significant amount of tension between McCain and Trump over the past few days. On Monday, McCain bashed Trump’s ‘America First’ nationalistic policies, to which Trump warned McCain that he ‘fights back’ and ‘it won’t be pretty.’”

McCain was “honored” Monday night by the Philadelphia Foundation, a leftist organization that gives out the “Liberty Medal” annually. Previous recipients have been Hillary Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Bono, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Bill Clinton, giving you a clear picture of who these people “honor.”

During his speech, he took direct hits at President Trump’s “America First” agenda. To McCain and his evil masters, putting American first is wrong because it stops their big plans for total globalism or what George Bush Sr. called “a one world order.” They are smart, trying to make it a “moral argument,” claiming if you are for “America First,” you are thinking along the lines of Nazism. Of course, this is utter hogwash, and they don’t even believe that, but that is how McCain will smear Trump and every citizen who voted for him.

The speech was so hardcore leftist, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg just loved it, and it proves one thing – McCain is no conservative, he’s not even a Republican, he’s as liberal and leftist as Barack Obama. Soros pays McCain through the McCain Institute. We knew this in the past, but McCain is not hiding it anymore. With the brain cancer, his time is almost up and he is firing all his guns straight at Trump and his supporters.

If you support the president, here is what McCain thinks of you, as CNN reports, “McCain warned that to ‘fear’ the world the US has led for the better part of a century, ‘abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe’ and ‘refuse the obligations of international leadership … for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems’ is unpatriotic.”

That’s what McCain thinks of anyone who believes America and Americans should come first. It’s the same reason the Founding Fathers broke away from Britain; they wanted their homeland, which would later be called America, to come first, not some king and not a global community. President Trump is well aware of McCain’s game plan, and like he warned the Arizona senator, he “fights back” and “it’s not going to be pretty.” McCain needs to go home. He is a villain and a traitor who will be remembered in the history books right alongside Benedict Arnold.

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