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Extreme Deception: Flood Victims Being Forced To Support Zionist Jews – This Can’t Be Good

Written by JayWill7497

Zionists Have Caused US/ Texas To Support Zion If You Want Flood Rebuilding Money

Today I received an email from a source that apparently had a friend that discovered something and realized that it was “so extreme”. A few pieces of information came in, such as a “startling realization”.
I been given explicit permission to distribute this startling information to you. enjoy!

Would you believe that the above clause is placed into a government document, that you must sign, in order to get money to rebuild after a flood? The clause is somewhat vague, but it can certainly be interpreted as, you must not fight against the roll out of the New World Order. I’ll show you the truth below, but first a story of the Red Pill.

Born 1963 but didn’t get red pill until around 2005 / 2006. After losing 30% value on a real estate
investment, it then went, in one year, to double from the original value. Of course I was happy, but this was my “the system is f”ed up and I need to figure out what is going on”. 42 years of successfully playing the game. Better late than never.

That said, awakening is a process. For instance, it took me until last year, upon discovering USGS data from 911 rubble which showed presence of unnatural (hundreds of time more than would be present in background levels) amounts of radio-isotopes. Then I watched a few hundred videos related to 911 and convinced myself, that yes, planes did fly into those buildings. And that those buildings were THEN demolished with explosives, including Building 7 (which is shown still standing whilst the female reporter runs the story about how Building 7 had come down).

Then a good friend discovered something and realized that it was “so extreme” that she didn’t want to participate in the anti-nuclear message anymore, fearing that her extreme views on this “new subject” would taint the anti-nuclear message. She shared a bit with me, which I mentally filed for “future analysis”. A few pieces of information came in, such as the startling realization that EVERY Federal Reserve Chairman was Jewish, and that HALF of the Supreme Court was Jewish.

That caused me to return to the “new subject” Zionist Jews are the prime motive power behind the push for dominion over the earth and the New World Order. They control the narrative. But now they are blatantly putting “support of Israel” into contract language that people recovering from disasters have to agree to, to get money to rebuild.

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