Bullet Holes? Hidden High-Def Video Displays FBI Clean Up Inside The Route 91 Venue Subsequent The Oct. 1st. Massacre

Written by JayWill7497

We all realize that something did occur along the strip the evening of the massacre, but what?

LAS VEGAS – Undercover high-definition video snagged days after the October 1 massacre happened reveals no proof of bullet strikes at, on, or in, any part of the venue which hosted the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

Not one bullet hit can be spotted in the footage which raises more questions than answers.

The sequence of videos were published to YouTube by the “hangman1128” channel on Oct. 22. There is a total of 4 videos. Each one is about 15-minutes in length.

“I was looking for any damage from the thousands of rounds that were said to have been shot from this vantage point. This is still an active crime scene and nothing has been removed or repaired. You would think that if thousands of rounds were fired from this location that there would be quite a bit of damage to bee seen on the sides of the structures, tent tops or seating areas. I wish I could have gotten footage from the opposite side to see if damage could be seen from stray bullets. this would prove shooting from different locations,” the cameraman published.

Despite the fact that we do not fully understand the precise date and time of the recording or the area it was shot from it still serves as proof.

As “HighImpactFlix” talked about in his latest video, in “Part 1 at 3:57” you can observe “two CCTV cameras.” But where is the footage? Why has no CCTV camera footage been revealed?

HighImpactFlix also notes, “at around 6:44 (in Part 1) there are no broken windows or bullet holes anywhere to be seen in the VIP suites that sit on the northeast side of the stage within the concert area.”

“In hangman’s ‘Part 2’ video at 4:56 you see no holes in the stage roof,” he clarifies. “At 5:15 there are no holes in the building on the side of the Mandalay stage. At 5:40 there are no holes on top or the side of the mobile units or the grey transformers or even the white tents […] there are no broken windows or chipped paint.”

Another video published by “HighImpactFlix” explores the available options.

Featured Photograph: LAS VEGAS – FBI clean-up inside the Route 91 venue days after the massacre (Screenshot via hangman1128/YouTube)

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