200 Just Found Dead Overnight And Now Trump Is About To Address The Nation

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North Korea DISASTER – at least 200 dead as Kim Jong-un’s nuclear base COLLAPSES NORTH Korea has been hit by a disaster as Kim Jong-un’s nuclear test site has suffered a collapse – killing at least 200.

In the U.S., we take the loss of life extremely seriously. Just recently we experienced the largest mass shooting in our history, and the death toll was just under 60, but that was more than enough to enrage the nation. The biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil had a death toll at around 3,000 and 16 years afterwards, we’re still not over it.

Those numbers are horrifying to us, but to many countries, where the ruling class thinks the everyday citizen to be worthless, those are kiddy stats. In countries like North Korea where the folks who live and work every day with little pay and even less appreciation, deaths are all too common. Just hours ago the country that is intent on war with the United States lost 200 of their own in a mindless disaster.

Even after getting warnings from scientists from multiple countries, North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un carried on nuclear testing at a site that couldn’t hold up to the stress and there was a collapse. Reported by The Federalist Papers, the mountain that collapsed, Mount Mantap, was woven with a series of tunnels which caused it to be too fragile to withstand the testing, and collapsed on the hundreds of laborers within:

“Despite warnings from the West, South Korea, and China, the petulant tyrants in the hermit kingdom of North Korea have continued to conduct nuclear tests beneath Mount Mantap. Scientists have predicted that the constant testing may lead the mountain to collapse on itself. Just as they predicted, a series of tunnel networks has collapsed, and up to 200 Korean laborers are dead.

It is not promptly known when the collapse took place (getting precise dates on events in the rogue regime is often challenging because of their isolation). Based on a report from The Telegraph, a tunnel network being excavated by about 100 workers collapsed. It was probably shortly after the regime’s 6th nuclear test.
Another 100 workers at the Punggye-ri test site tried to get their coworkers out, but another collapse occurred and probably killed them as well.”

This completely avoidable catastrophe is just another illustration of why many on the international scene look at Kim Jong-un to be fundamentally holding the 25 million North Koreans hostage in their own country. The folks of North Korea have no say in government or almost anything that impacts their lives on a daily basis. In truth, most accounts from those who have escaped the hellish regime’s grasp tell of a country that they would rather die than return to.

Proof of an absolute neglect for the citizens that populate the country is demonstrated in many ways, not the least of which a dictator who is willing to sacrifice as many of them as he needs to get the glory of winning a clash with one of the superpowers that he frantically wants.

President Trump’s impending trip to the region is very well timed, taking into consideration that the nations surrounding North Korea are ultimately becoming certain that the dictator is now completely out of control. President Trump will hopefully find a remedy that both South Korea and China can agree with in order to get a handle on the very unstable situation in the region.

Here are more information from my source about the tragedy in North Korea:

“An exact date for the disaster has not been provided, but it comes shortly after North Korea conducted its sixth – and most powerful – underground nuclear test at the site.

Satellite imagery of the site shows damage to the land after the collapses happened. Such should not be surprising, as we have known for some time that the country’s constant nuclear testing could only go on for so long without causing substantial damage to the existing tunnel networks.

As we reported earlier in October, the test site is in serious danger of further collapse, and if that happens radioactive fallout would be released throughout the entire hemisphere.

“Since 2006, North Korea has conducted tested six nuclear weapons tests under Mount Mantap since 2006 at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility. Analysts who monitor the 7,200-foot-high peak say the mountain is taking a toll from the tests, now suffering “tired mountain syndrome.”

According to the New York Post, a September blast caused a 6.3 magnitude tremor felt in China. Satellite images show that the mountain visibly shifted from the blast which caused massive landslides and lofted stone and gravel field around the area.

The area is now abundant in seismic activity, suffering three more quakes in the short time since North Korea’s self-proclaimed H-bomb test. International officials say the North’s claims might not have been exaggerated, as earthquakes generated from the blast indicate a massive thermonuclear explosion.”


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