The Economist The World in 2017 Ominous Nuclear Death On Tarot Cards Or Perhaps Something More Nefarious

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I think too many people are forgetting to look back on the covers of The Economist magazine for 2015 to 2017.   There is still very interesting information there.

Have the elite warned us that November 3rd and November 5th could be precisely significant times? Probably not. As of this posting things seem pretty calm and President Trump is on his Asian tour.

The Economist publication has really close connections to the Rothschild banking empire of Europe, and it remains a recognized mouthpiece for the global elite for years. That is the reason for all of the bizarre symbolism that was utilized on the cover of the January 2015 issue, 2016 issue and 2017 issue, made countless headlines when they first came out. The elite regularly love to foreshadow what they prepare to do beforehand, and many were trying to understand what a lot of the cryptic symbols could indicate. For those that have not observed them yet, here are the full covers…


Quote: The World In 2017 looks ahead to a new American presidency, a Chinese Communist Party Congress, elections in France and Germany and the political and economic challenges of Brexit, and marks a number of poignant global anniversaries—500 years since Martin Luther published his 95 theses, 100 years since Lenin launched the Russian revolution and 10 years since Steve jobs unveiled the iPhone. In our 31st edition, we include a special section featuring forecasts from 14 globally-minded millennials, ranging from a Syrian refugee-turned-photographer, an iconoclastic Chilean reggaeton artist, one of ballet’s biggest emerging names and leading online voices for young Africans and Muslim American women.

When you glimpse at the cover for 2017, I’m eyeballing the very last card which is called “The Star”.

The divinatory meaning behind this card is as follows: Protection, positive influences, spiritual rebirth, divination, intuition, hope, Joy, communion with nature, peace, satisfaction, Tender and sincre feelings , sensuality, Accomplishment, creativity, a reward, prosperity, Beauty and refinement.

Reversed meaning: Uncertainties, pipe dreams, idle daydreams, mistrust, Obstinacy, flustrated hopes, Coldness, insensitivity, lies, reciprocal disinterests. Bad luck.

Taurid meteor shower will be from Nov 3rd thru Nov 13th.   Taurids are debris from Comet Encke.


What is unique about the name Encke is that it alludes to the variant spelling of Enki, one of the ancient Sumerian Creation ‘Gods’. The possible association, if by happenstance nonetheless is just one of the main attributes that conjures-up the imagery of Biblical proportions. i.e., the coming AntiChrist. In what sense? As noted the orbital frequency is that of 33, the highest Masonic degree, at least revealed to non-initiates. Then there is the name of the Creation ‘God’ that seeded the human race according to one interpretation of the ancient Sumerian tablets. It was the Adamu that was created from the hybridization of the ‘Gods’ that came from Nibiru and will again. Thus this study asks, could the frequency of such a 3.3 year comet named after the Creation ‘God’s that supposedly seeded Adam and Eve and who promised again return be pegged to one of its perihelion; 2017 perhaps?


Where do Taurids come from?

Taurid meteors are produced by Comet Encke which is one of the best observed comets in history. The reason for this is that it circles the Sun once every 3.3 years which provide lots of opportunities to observe it when bright. The fact that the comet is rather large and does not get very far from the Earth and Sun means that it is always observable by professional (and even some of the largest amateur) telescopes. But even after centuries of observation, Encke remains an enigma and continues to give professional comet researchers fits.


The night time Taurids are known for frequent bolide activity. Large, vaporizing meteoroids (bolides) in an atmosphere loaded with comet dust will produce unusual visual effects. Refraction, reflection, and possibly secondary emission come into play as a sizable object splashes into an aerosol laden atmosphere compressing molecules of gas against motes of dust in its bow-shock wave until–BOOM-(Occurred Nov. 1963) -the object vaporizes, illuminating the multiple layers of compression separated gas and debris. From the ground this might look as if a god threw a pebble in the sky-pond.

“As we first outlined in Oh My God, They Killed SOHO!, the Taurid stream is highly dangerous, possessing some 300,000 “planet killer” sized objects. We also pass through this stream, generated by the trailing debris of Comet Encke, bi-annually, in June/July and November. It is also the source of “chaos and evil” in the Egyptian myths, through it’s association with the constellation Taurus and the god Set.

as Enterprise principal investigator Richard Hoagland predicted in an appearance on Art Bell’s show a few weeks back, we now have the first potential confirmation thatthere is indeed an object of concern in the Taurid stream. Whether it will hit us, and in which of the passings that might be, we do not yet knowWhat is now clear, if the video is taken at face value, is that our interest in NASA’s interest in Encke and the Taurid’s was well founded.

One of the articles goes on to say that Tunguska Event in Russia was due to a bolide from Comet Encke. 

And we can not fail to remember what Putin stated: “Something WORSE than a nuclear bomb is coming”.

Trump is away from the country Nov 3-Nov 14th in SE Asia. Quite a lot of our military has been on assignment over there as well. Taurids are taking place during that time period. I also learned that Ivanka and Jared are in Japan at the same time. Could be a coincidence…or not????

There’s also the Leonid meteor shower Nov 17-18th associated with comet Tempel-Tuttle.

Leonids come from the constellation Leo?  (The Lion of Judah perhaps?)  Takes 33 years to make one orbit around the sun.  Jesus died at 33 years of age.
When you look at the cover for 2017, I’m looking at the very last card which is called The Star, and appears to represent the rapture.  Conclusions are interesting for Christians to consider.
Did you also notice that for the 2017 Hermit card?
The divinatory meaning behind this card is as follows: Wisdom, patience, isolation, reserve, prudence, discretion, moderation, A great sensitivity, spirituality, secrecy, telepathy, and occult protection.
Reversed meaning: Timidity, obstacles, regression, inertia, Mental confusion, avarice, pessimism, delay, and bad luck.
that card was represented in a BIN article?  Here’s the link.
I wonder too why the earth shows a crack from the North Pole down through the Great Lakes/NY and Canada.  Is this where the asteroid will really hit?
Lastly, the first card called The Tower is representing Satan’s attack (thunderbolt) on the true church (saved by grace alone) with backing and support from the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, which are both “works” and apostate churches.
NEAR EARTH OBJECTS during the Leonid Meteor Showers on 11/18 (not the comet associated with the showers). Disregard the 11/29 highlight. 
Virtual Impactors
List of asteroids with a Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale greater than −6 that are listed on the Sentry Risk Table because they have short observation arcs with poorly constrained orbits and have a chance of impacting Earth in 2017.

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The Establishment continue to push forward in their attempt to shut down the alternative press that is rapidly growing and pushing out the faltering mainstream media. As the EU demands social media sites censor fake news and Reddit, Facebook and other sites begin blocking Fusion Laced Illusions and other alternative media it is now alarmingly evident that their truly is a war on free speech.


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