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A GODfather Deal: Nice Fellow Assists With Flat Tire, Then He Realized What Was Inside The Van

Written by JayWill7497

In Phoenix, Arizona, a man was traveling on the freeway when he noticed a suspicious vehicle stopped on the side of the highway. Feeling an overwhelming desire to pull over and investigate, things all changed when he discovered what was inside the van.

David McIntyre a short while ago posted on his Facebook page to tell of an encounter he had with a fella who was stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. Needless to say, when he first pulled over to assist, he had no notion what was going to arise until he noticed that the man had a wife and two small kids with him and the van was loaded with all of their possessions.

“Took this picture of my hand yesterday while I was out busily getting ready for Christmas like the other million people in Phoenix. As I was zipping down the I-10 freeway I saw an older model minivan stopped on the side of (the) road with a flat and something strongly compelled me…no, was almost yelling at me from inside my chest to stop,” David started off. “As I approached the minivan I noticed it was a family with two small children and the van was completely packed to the roof.”
Undecided of what to do at first, David swiftly realized where his assistance would be needed most. He explained that the man told him that they had been here some time, in need of help, but no one stopped to help. Both men came to the realization that most folks won’t bother. Fortunately, as David felt compelled to stop anyway, he went on to assist the family more than he ever could have thought.

“The man told me he had been there for awhile and no one had stopped. In a big city like this we usually assume that the person has a cell phone and will call a tow truck or AAA and we don’t bother…this day was different for me. He couldn’t get to his spare tire because of all the stuff and as I pulled my equipment out of my Jeep he explained he had lost his job and was traveling to New Mexico to live with family,” David remembered. “He also explained he had no money to give me and I told him I’m not stopping to make money but just to help. I scraped my hand while putting my spare tire on his minivan and I could tell he felt really bad since I was helping him.”

After he got the tire all nestled, they drove to a close by Discount Tire where the staff worked to exchange the flat with a new tire. David explained, “After getting the tire on I had him follow me to Discount Tire. As the crew worked on his van and replaced his tire I could tell he was very worried how much it was going to cost as he discussed it with his wife.” But, just as before, David understood what he had to do, stating, “He was a very polite man and once again that voice inside me guided me.”

David went to the Discount Tire manager and requested to talk to him in private. When David discussed that he wanted to pay for the man’s new tire, the manager simply smiled and said, “There will be no charge for them today”

David finished his post, “The family didn’t know this as I grabbed my spare and wished them all well. The man and his family was very polite and gracious. So, it only cost me an hour of my time and a little scrape but what I continue to feel in my heart today is worth my weight in gold.”

In a world that is so frequently bombarded with hatred and negativity, it’s awesome to hear that there are still good folks left in it. This one family was blessed by two complete strangers in one day. It appears that The almighty unquestionably played a part in all this, positioning the right folks in the right place at the right time.


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