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Russian President Putin Sends Powerful Message To Trump, Look What He Said

Written by JayWill7497

Though interaction is strained between Russia and the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin took the moment to send a powerful message to President Trump.

The official Twitter feed of the Russian Embassy published a tweet saying that President Putin sent a letter offering his condolences to President Trump with regards to the Texas massacre. The statement reads “Please, accept my condolences over the tragedy that has occurred in Texas. It is difficult to imagine a crueler and more cynical crime than the killing of people during a church service.”

The New York Daily News noted the terrible tragedy that befell the nation on Sunday and the hands of Devin Kelley. Kelley stormed into the Sutherland Springs, TX house of worship wearing a bulletproof vest, a skull-faced mask and wielding a Ruger AR-556 assault rifle.

This crazed person proceeded to fire upon the churchgoers, unleashing 450 bullets into the audience of parishioners. The horrific attack left 26 dead and at least 20 wounded, one of the worst shootings in Texas history.

After spraying the crowd with bullets, he fled the church and was challenged by a neighbor, Stephen Willeford, wielding a rifle. Mr. Willeford shot Kelley in the leg and torso just before Kelley escaped to his car and fled off.

Mr. Willeford and a second person gave chase. The high-speed pursuit triggered Kelley’s car crashing. It is suspected that Kelley then killed himself by means of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Freeman Martin of the Texas Public Safety Department couldn’t give a conclusive answer behind the motivation behind the murders but did indicate it could’ve been the result of a domestic fight between Kelley and his in-laws.

Based on Mr. Martin: “We know there was conflict between the families and whether that was revenge or not would be speculation on my part,”

Kelley’s past is peppered not only with violent assault and domestic disputes, but with a determined path away from his faith in God. In 2012, he was charged by means of court-martial with two instances of domestic assault, one of which lead to Kelley beating his infant stepson so brutally his skull was cracked.

The terrible tragedy leaving 26 dead has seen folks and organizations from all over offering a hand to the victims and their families. Based on News 4 Antonio, the H-E-B grocery store chain publicly announced that it would donate $150,000 to help the families that were impacted by the tragedy.

Vice President of Public Affairs, Diversity & Environmental Affairs for H-E-B, Winell Herron, expressed: “H-E-B is committed to providing assistance during times of crisis. Our hearts reach out to all at this tragic, painful time. It is our hope that H-E-B’s donations, along with our loyal customers’ support, will help our neighbors in Sutherland Springs. This is a difficult situation for many as they grieve and face unimaginable loss.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his condolences to the victims of the church shooting in Texas. How does this make Putin look?

Based on ABC News, President Trump, deep into his Asian tour, expressed that investigators would have full support from his administration. He later explained, “Our hearts are broken but in dark times – and these are dark times – such as these, Americans do what they do best.”

Though this daunting disaster has a rocked a nation still reeling from the Las Vegas shooting last month and other appalling acts of violence and loss, it’s encouraging to notice the goodness in others rise out of the darkness.

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