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Trump’s Massive Warning Has North Korea Shaking, This Is Urgent

Written by JayWill7497

A lot of President Trump’s Asia tour revolved around the ongoing threat North Korea presents to the US and its allies.

Based on The Guardian, President Trump set a strong warning to North Korea during a speech at South Korea’s national assembly. President Trump warned, “The weapons that you are acquiring are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger. Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face … Do not underestimate us. Do not try us.”
Initially, President Trump offered a peaceful resolution to the matter if North Korea halted its missile program, “We will offer a path to a much better future. It begins with an end to the aggression of your regime, a stop to your development of ballistic missiles, and complete, verifiable and total denuclearisation.”

He then painted the grim graphic of what life was like in North Korea, citing countless human rights offenses such as slave labor, famine, and abuses of power. President Trump explained, “North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned, it is a hell that no person deserves.”

Park Ju-min, a politician who went to the speech, gave a high praise to President Trump for not directly attacking North Korea. “It’s good that he didn’t make any comments that will enrage North Korea.”

But Park did admit that North Korea would probably find offense to the “human rights abuses” allegations. “Of course, North Korea will feel offended because of Trump’s focus on human rights abuses, but he did not make any specific threats against Kim.”

President Trump also called upon China and Russia to aid in stabilizing the tense situation by utilizing their influence with North Korea before it became too late, “It is our responsibility and our duty to confront this danger together. The longer we wait, the great[er] the danger grows and the fewer the options become.”
Min Pyung-doo, of the Democrat party in South Korea, praised President Trump’s speech and diplomatic endeavours. “He had some tough words, but the real message is that there is a path to peace through dialogue. He reassured us and the world that the alliance with South Korea is strong and that will go a long way to calming the people’s fears here.”

Nevertheless, US officials were not as upbeat, stating that convincing North Korea to forego its nuclear goals was “a non-starter.” An official went on to point out that even if North Korea accepted the terms, the highly secretive nation would never consent to an inspection to confirm they had in truth followed through on removing their nuclear weapons.

President Trump’s speech, while firm, was regarded more diplomatic and open consistent with his critics. It remains to be seen how North Korea will react to the warnings and calls for a peaceful resolution, taking into consideration the stubbornness and aggression they’ve exhibited so far.
Kim Jong-un will probably take offense to the implied accusations that his folks are suffering under his rule, and he will refuse to abandon his newfound nuclear power that has received so much fear and attention.

Ideally, the rogue dictator will prove surprising and seek a peaceful resolution, and for once, take into account the needs of his own folks. Until then, North Koreans carry on and face the harsh economic reality imposed by Kim’s brutal regime and UN sanctions.


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