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Doomsday: The World Is Going To End, Yet Again. Here’s The Hottest Theory

Written by JayWill7497

The Nibiru theory promises a rogue planetary system is barrelling towards our solar planet for a cataclysmic extinction level event, by shifting Earth’s poles and causing violent volcanoes and earthquakes.

New Delhi: While there continues to be an outpour of doomsday theories throughout 2017 citing Planet X or Nibiru as the rationale for Earth’s downfall, a YouTube channel called ‘Latest Technology’ boasts to have discovered its true trajectory.

Refuting previous theories that assert Nibiru will strike Earth resulting in the destruction of all mankind, this video states that Nibiru will, in truth, collide with Jupiter and let loose pandemonium in the solar system.

Nevertheless, the video also states that while Earth will be spared a direct collision, Nibiru will make a ‘catastrophic’ fly-by of our home world, which will still be enormously destructive.

Its huge gravitational pull will result in devastating earthquakes and tsunamis across the globe, doomsayers maintain.

The Nibiru theory states a rogue planetary system is barrelling towards our solar planet for a cataclysmic extinction level event, by shifting Earth’s poles and causing violent volcanoes and earthquakes.

As per a article in the, a self-proclaimed Nibiru visionary, argues the events which will occur over Earth are now a hot topic for other intelligent species inhabiting space.

Marshall Masters stated: “What’s going to happen to us is a cosmic event.

“This is something that is of great importance to many races out there – what happens to us.

“I guess, you know, that we’re the top headline right now with what’s going on.”

He continues to discuss in the video how Nibiru is till set to fly-by past Earth, as outlined to him in his visions.

This fly-by will apparently result in earthquakes, tsunamis and cause a pole shift of Earth’s magnetic poles to the equator, because of Nibiru’s powerful gravitation waves – Planet X is thought to be 10 times the size of Earth.

Daily Star Online had previously documented that humanity will be able to rebuild after the catastrophe. Christian researcher David Meade had theorised that mankind will enjoy 1,000 years of peace known as “The Millennium”.

Nevertheless, there will allegedly be seven years of “tribulation” before humanity can advance.

NASA, though, is still unrelenting that Nibiru does not exist.

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