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Huge #PizzaGate News! Comet Ping Pong Is Officially UNDER Investigation By DCMPD!

Written by JayWill7497

Pizzagate began, as so many things have in the last few months, with Wikileaks. When Wikileaks revealed emails from ex – Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s account, most commentators honed in on the ones demonstrating Clinton allies talking candidly and oftentimes disparagingly about the candidate and her associates, along with policies like a federal $15 minimum wage.

But a small amount of individuals on message boards like 4chan and Reddit were more fascinated in seemingly mundane emails about small social gatherings and parties hosted by Podesta and his friends. Particularly, they discovered that these emails described pizza a few times.

Plainly ignoring the simple justification that the emailers, like most Americans, eat pizza frequently and find it to be an simple food to serve and eat while socializing, self-appointed Internet detectives made the decision that “pizza” was a complex code for pedophilia. Utilizing this code, Pizzagaters claim, Podesta and his well-heeled pals could brazenly talk about their plans for throwing horrible sex parties exploiting enslaved children, in between conversations about Clinton’s campaign strategy and setting up conference calls.

It’s essential to observe that since the theories that would become Pizzagate started on 4chan and Reddit, websites recognized for trolling people with cruel, challenging pranks, it’s probable that many of the conspiracy theory’s originators were joking – coming up with absurdities to amuse themselves.

But it took a very limited time for /r/Pizzagate, the now-closed Pizzagate-focused Reddit subforum, or subreddit, to fill with folks who seemed to be true believers. The concept also became common on Reddit’s “The Donald,” a hub for Trump supporters. From there, Pizzagate caught the interest of conservative fake news sites, minor white supremacist celebrities, and proponents of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It’s been amplified for unidentified factors by Twitter bots traced to the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Vietnam.

Everyone’s in on it

The ideas grew to engulf pretty much everything that could be associated with Podesta, or anyone who had ever connected with him. That’s how they landed on Comet Ping Pong, a well-known family-friendly pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., that also offers occasional punk shows. James Alefantis, owner of Comet as well as other close by restaurants, utilized to date David Brock, head of a pro-Clinton group, and John Podesta realized Alefantis and ate at the restaurant. If “pizza” is code for pedophilia, the gossip mongers reasoned, obviously a pizza restaurant is the dungeon where all the horrors go down.

More recently reported, Youtube uploader Dean Fougere Streamed live 2 hours ago. Dean states:

Hey everyone! This is great news and I just can’t wait to tell you about it. Comet Ping Pong is under investigation for the Child Porn = Cheese Pizza they were selling on their server on the encrypted section of the Comet website. This is now in the hands of the Police who are doing their job!

Let’s all thank god for the good people at the DCMPD who are doing their job and going up against this sick disgusting behaviour by the “untouchable” elites in the swamp. I pray we see justice for this and I pray for protection for the DC Police.

Tweet with Email from DC Police confirming Detective Jeremiah Johnson has been assigned to the case:…

Video by Defango:

Interview with the Hacker “BigFish”:

The troll account created by “Jeff C”, to discredit me and to make personal attacks on me:

I know it was “Jeff C” aka Free Radio Revolution for multiple reasons, the “parody” account which it is not a parody it is a slanderous account aimed at making personal attacks at me for exposing PizzaGate, uses “twoof” and “tight ass”. Jeff C literally in a tweet to my from his actual account called me a “tight ass shill”, and the parody account revealed information about issues I was having in DM’s (not publicly available) with him and some other youtubers when I could not get anyone to join my STWT show for a few weeks awhile ago. Only a few people even had access to that information and only one of them has turned on me since, that is Jeff C the actual shill. Proof:…

Thanks for watching everyone! I appreciate the help. Let’s keep the pressure on and make sure that people are aware of what is going on and let’s get justice against these sick fucks at comet ping pong. BTW YouTube has demonetized basically every video I have put up recently including this one.


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