The Atlanta 10 Hours Of Darkness Blackout Hoax Q-Anon Insider Predicted “Going Dark for 10 Days”

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The Atlanta 10 Hours of Darkness Blackout Hoax Q-Anon Insider Predicted “Going Dark for 10 Days”

It seems as though our special friend Q has sparked alot of interests on the internet lately. I began publishing these captivating hints from Q’s 4Chan leaks around a month ago and a number of folks have jumped on my coat tails and followed suit and kept the leaks coming. There are many who think they know who Q is but regardless of who he is. Whats more important is the information that’s being transmitted.

Q’s latest revolves around the Atlanta incident and coincidentally ( I don’t believe in coincidence by the way….) referenced by Ben Fulford in his update. (Dec. 18)

Q-Anon talked about on the 15th that he was “going dark for 10 days”, although what took place a couple of days afterwards was that clearly there was a power outage at the Atlanta airport which lasted 10 hours.

That certainly is quite a long time for a power outage and David indicates that it could have been preempting a terror attack, whether stopping a plane from landing/taking off… or a little something along those lines. Put simply, the good guys might have done that intentionally to circumvent a serious false flag attack.

He goes on to talk about a photograph of CNN’s Anderson Cooper reviewing documents that Q posted on 4/8Chan and I can not help but be fascinated by the hot pink doll in the back which jogs my memory of JonBenét Ramsey. Really interesting things is coming out these days about the El-ite satanic pedophilia rings and David conveys some other Coop shots and feedback about them.

And just one more the weird incident at the Atlanta Airport…

Here’s some more in depth details about one distinct plane permitted to depart the airport, a cargo plane… connected to Israel, and tons more. Great video. But like always, You be the judge.

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