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Lt. Gen. McMaster On North Korea: Military Operation Underway Right NOW. #McMaster #NorthKorea

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McMaster: We need to act urgently to stop North Korea

It seems as though our Beloved National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster Has attended an interview on Tuesday. During that corraspondance McMaster stated that the U.S. must “act urgently” to end once and for all North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and aggression.

He included that as this leadership proceeds to test and perfect its long-range nuclear weapons capabilities, it is rapidly becoming a serious threat that the entire world just cannot accept and let go unchecked any longer. And also called for elevated pressure in coordination with allies and international associates when it comes to the need for rigid sanction execution on a leadership that’s just out of control.

Previously McMaster has continuously cautioned that the US is running out of time to solve this issue peacefully. As Kim Jong Un is quickly constructing its nuclear and ballistic missile development programs while simultaneously intimidating to take out the entire west coast of the US.

North Korea has recently successfully tested five new missiles, two of which are identified as intercontinental ballistic missiles which, theoretically, would be capable to reach the continental U.S. The outlaw leadership also is suspected of detonating underground a staged thermonuclear bomb constructed to demolish cities. But let us not ignore, based on the failed Barack Hussein Obama leadership, “Global Warming” is the most menacing threat.

Fox News Reports:

Kim Jong Un’s top aide executed by North Korean death squad, reports suggest

A key member of Kim Jong Un’s inner circle touted as a powerful military figure mysteriously vanished from public life recently, sparking rumors he was executed by a North Korean death squad after allegations of bribery, recent reports indicated.

Hwang Pyong-so, a vice marshal who held the most senior position in North Korea’s military, hasn’t been seen in public since Oct. 13, sparking rumors of his death.

Kim has previously dispatched his enemies via a variety of gruesome methods, including shooting them with anti-aircraft weaponry at a close distance and feeding them to a pack of ravenous dogs.

News about Hwang’s troubles within Kim’s regime emerged in mid-November, when South Korea’s spy agency reported the top aide and his deputy, Kim Won-hong, were expelled from the military’s General Politico Bureau and “punished,” Yonhap News Agency reported.

Hwang Pyong So, now a top military aide to the North’s leader Kim Jong Un, has had an unprecedented rise to the top rungs of North Korea’s leadership in the space of a few years. With intense speculation on the whereabouts of Kim after his disappearance from official media for over a month, Hwang is even more in focus.

A rare inspection on the bureau was conducted after reports of “impure attitude” toward the volatile regime. The spy agency said it was looking into details about their punishment.

“If Hwang was indeed kicked out of the Workers’ Party, it would practically mean the end of his political career, and possibly his life, though it is unknown whether or not he is still alive,” South Korea’s JoongAng Ilbo reported, according to the Telegraph.


Kim Won-hong was reportedly sentenced to one of North Korea’s prison camps. As for Hwang, many of Kim Jong Un’s recent actions indicate the man who the dictator has trusted for about a decade was executed – possibly by the infamous firing squad that also killed Kim’s uncle Jang Song Thaek.

The two officials allegedly had been receiving favors for promotions, the Telegraph reported. Kim ordered the two officials to be punished “as a warning to others.”

Kim’s visit to the country’s Mount Paektu over the weekend hinted at Hwang’s possible execution. Kim usually visits the sacred mountain before he makes a significant decision, much like his father and grandfather had done, Korea Jongang Daily reported.

The leader previously visited the mountain with his aides in November 2013, a month before ordering the deaths of several officials, including Jang, who was branded “worse than a dog” and a “despicable human scum.” The bodies were then lit on fire with flamethrowers.


Kim also made a trip to the mountain before he executed former defense chief Hyon Yong-chol in April 2015.

North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency did not mention Hwang in its statement about Kim’s visit, but said the despot was celebrating his “big achievements in November.”

Hwang rose through the ranks and, in 2014, was named the senior deputy director in the central party, North Korean Leadership Watch reported. South Korean spies believe Kim was pitting Hwang against Choe Ryong-hae, the vice chairman of the Central Committee of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party, to ensure they were forever loyal to the leader, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. After three presidencies of kicking the can down the road, it has come to this. We can no longer let North Korea skate without consequences and I pretty much doubt a peaceful solution is even viable at this point when a leader doesn’t even care if his own people starve to death in order to achieve his own objective of annihilating the US and keeping the world on the brink of war. Kim Jong Un is a murdering dictator who needs to be put down, plain and simple.


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