WHY Is Eric Schmidt Technically Serving In The DoD? (Video)

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WHY is Eric Schmidt Technically Serving In The DoD?

Well now, It seems as though our friend Eric Schmidt Has hit the headlines once again. Did Eric Schmidt Predict His Own Demise? Straight from the horse’s mouth he stated “I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time.” – Eric Schmidt…”

This jogs my memory of a interesting tale by a famous Sci-Fi author. Someone finds out a cheap, easy way to “Time Travel”, and lets the cat out of the bag to the public. He is oblivious that the government knew about it all along and suppressed it. WHY? Because being equipped to know everything about everyone all the time? You call in ill for work? They revisit two hours in time and bust you at the Beauty Salon! Courts vanish. Lawyers cease to exist. Time Travelers basically go back in time! There’s the Criminal – arrest him. She is liable for the incident. Here is what she was doing 2 minutes prior . Every statement. Every Expression, Every bit of body language. Everything you ever did in the shower in the privacy of your home..

The Daily Caller reports:

Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google parent company Alphabet, was appointed chairman of a Department of Defense program in 2016 that was established by former President Barack Obama’s administration.

A staunch supporter of the Democratic Party and critic of President Donald Trump, Schmidt still continues to lead the Defense Innovation Board (DIB), even well after the new administration took over in January. This begs the question: should Schmidt’s history of partisan advocacy and condemnation of Trump be a worrisome prospect for the current White House?

Regardless of the answer, Trump’s retention of Schmidt may be emblematic of more than political divisiveness within the current administration, like from “Obama holdovers.” In fact, it may be the opposite of unwanted internal discord and a sign of an underlying ethos for the Trump administration — diversity of thought.

“When you look at the composition of the initial Economic Advisory Board, it kind of reminds me of what Trump is doing here,” Justin Danhof, general counsel of the National Center for Public Policy Research and director of the Free Enterprise Project, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “He’s putting together a team of rivals. If you want to get to the best ideas, you can’t have everyone in the room thinking the same thing.”

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