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Imminent War: Intelligence Insider Warns “Likely In The Next 12 Weeks”

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Imminent War: Intelligence Insider Warns “Likely In The Next 12 Weeks”

Well now, It seems as though our friend ( and I say that sarcastically) Kim Jong Un has gotten some folk’s panties in a wad. New insider information has surfaced that suggest that there could be a war with North Korea within the next twelve weeks. Now i’m not quite sure if this holds water but the last thing I heard was that President Trump has issued a new round of sanctions. With that being said, This so called insider is none other than CIA Director Mike Pompeo. In a private meeting in Washington DC on October 20, 2017 he stated to a small think tank group that “it would be imprudent to assume it would take North Korea more than ‘five months’ to have a reliable arsenal of nuclear-armed ICBM missiles. These could strike U.S. cities and kill millions of Americans.”

The Trump administration has made it obvious that they are ready to call the bluff and a nuclear armed North Korea, particularly one with ICMB’s able to strike major U.S. cities, will not be permitted. Rickards continues:

We relied on deterrence, containment, sanctions, diplomacy, and eventually arms treaties to avoid a nuclear war. Why not do the same with Kim?

President Trump’s National Security Advisor, General H. R. McMaster answered that question at our Washington conclave also.

He said acceptance of a nuclear-armed North Korea is ‘unacceptable’. The U.S. will stop North Korea from acquiring its nuclear capability in the first place rather than learning to live it.

President Trump’s national security teams have established deadlines and decided military possibilities, which includes a decapitation strike on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un if the order is given.

By all accounts, the world seems to be on the brink.

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