Historic: Blue Blood Moon-Super Rare Lunar Eclipse on January 31,2018 (Video)

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Plan in advance sky gazers, for the very first time in 150 years, in fact 152 years to be exact, a Lunar Eclipse will correlate with a blue moon. This event will make the moon appear much larger, much brighter and of a different color.

A super ‘blue Moon’ is said to occur on January 31st. Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The moon might also seem blood red, dark brown or gray researchers say.

It’s a enchanting occurrence planetary geologists call it a “collision of multiple lunar events.”

“A lot of things are happening at once,” Dr. Noah Petro, a planetary geologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center said. “It’s a cool event.”

The only detail is anticipate decent weather.

Events of this nature is why I enjoy astronomy. At the end of January, to be specific on January the 31st, we will experience a total lunar eclipse.

Youtube uploader The Cosmos News reports:

Super blue blood moon: End of January to see stunning collision of three lunar sights

The end of this month will see the beginning of one of the moon’s most beautiful nights.

The last couple of months have seen some strange evenings for the moon. But it will be 31 January that will be the most dramatic and strange of all, and the one that Nasa is advising people to make sure they catch.

It will be a blood moon, a Supermoon and a total lunar eclipse – all on one night. Some people including Nasa are referring to it as a super blue blood moon, and whatever you call it, it will make for a beautiful, strange night.

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