YellowRoseforTexas – The Lie the Vatican Told (Video) Must See

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Have you never had any idea how our history was altered and even deleted, I have not viewed all of this 2 hour video clip yet They even alter dates to manipulate “time”.

As I’ve stated previously, the rulers of this planet own everyone and everything necessary to perpetuate a powerful lie, and that incorporates the education system and publishers.

The video additionally describes the Satanic nature of their religion, the gods they worship, and that the human sacrifice that has fairly recently come to the forefront of the truth media has always been element of their rituals-and pedophilia isn’t new in the least, this might encourage you.

Books tell the account of human history, right? Completely wrong. They have turned history into myths and legends we think are just campfire tales. Youtube uploader YellowRoseforTexas Takes us on a quest and this is conceivably Rose’s best information yet still.


The COVENS of AZAZEL & The Babylonian Slave Queen

History & Law.

This video has no ‘voice narration’ in order to shorten the Time.

This is the history that was removed from the Library of Congress.
This removal has allowed for propaganda & myth. The purpose of making it long, by adding clips, was to help those who can’t seem to make the connections between the laws we are currently under, and the creation of those laws in our history. Many laws, have been removed from Public View, but they are still using those laws against the people.

None of the ‘positive’ laws that are for the benefit of people, are being enforced.

The addition of clips, will hopefully help people comprehend the ‘real time’ effects of these laws & their actions or lack of action, on the public today.

While many are waking up, there are those who are still sleeping. Its very late. Time is short.

For their sake, they must awaken.

In part 1 – Laws that are removed from public now
The Creation of COVEN ANT and Suleiman
What is, “COVEN ANT”

The Canon law that created the “Name Game”
The Canon law creating the Pharisees
The Canon law creating the CORPORATION

These are just a few things covered in the first section.

This is history as you’ve never been told. Some elements are utterly jaw-dropping, and if you have never been open to this version previously it might have you thinking about everything you ever believed you knew.

I’m delighted Thomas Williams mentioned to us about it on his show yesterday evening, and he was right in that it will demand about 3 hours to get through it because we need to temporarily halt the video often to read as the frames go by swiftly. There is very little audio; it’s primarily reading.

The El-ites would not prefer this information to get out, and Rose’s videos are frequently targeted or problematic so I am revealing hers initially, and underneath it the mirror edition from Adam 1414 who uploads all Rose’s information on his channel so it’s not missing and is always attainable. The El-ites make life for Rose very complicated so I transmit best wishes for her ease and comfort and security.

How could they pull it off? What not everybody might comprehend is that when the controlling entities at the top on this planet “die”, they just come back in a different meat suit and switch their names, but they understand who they are-unlike us, who get a mind wipe and seldom remember our past lives. They just pick up where they left off.

The video likewise clarifies the Satanic dynamics of their religion, the gods they worship, and that the human sacrifice that has lately come to the headlines of the truth media has always been component of their rituals-and pedophilia isn’t new whatsoever.

After viewing this video, you will certainly not view the world exactly the same ever. or oneself.

Many thanks to Rose and Adam for providing this critical peek into our past and present so that we may perhaps have a greater understanding of who we are, along with the creatures who manipulate us-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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The Establishment continue to push forward in their attempt to shut down the alternative press that is rapidly growing and pushing out the faltering mainstream media. As the EU demands social media sites censor fake news and Reddit, Facebook and other sites begin blocking Fusion Laced Illusions and other alternative media it is now alarmingly evident that their truly is a war on free speech.


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