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Trump Terminating Mueller With GOP Support After FISA #Memo Exposes Obama Era Abuses (Video)

Written by JayWill7497

The termination of special counsel Robert Mueller has long been a red line for a lot of Republicans in Congress who are making an attempt to work with their president.

But it is a red line they would preferably not act on – and currently, with reports that President Donald Trump in fact made moves to do it, they could be forced to.

There are two bills in Congress, both of which have some Republican support, that would safeguard Mueller from being terminated by Trump. But neither of the 2 bills continues to be significantly thought about by leadership.

Up until this stage, Republicans had given Trump the benefit of the doubt that he would not start a constitutional crisis. From their viewpoint, why take action and trigger a confrontation with the president (and endanger their plan) if they don’t completely have to?

At this point they might now have to.

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The Establishment continue to push forward in their attempt to shut down the alternative press that is rapidly growing and pushing out the faltering mainstream media. As the EU demands social media sites censor fake news and Reddit, Facebook and other sites begin blocking Fusion Laced Illusions and other alternative media it is now alarmingly evident that their truly is a war on free speech.


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