Venezuela: A Baffling Quandary (Video)

Written by Jay Williams

From time to time you just have to scratch your head and say, “WTF?”

There are a couple of fascinating situations in this video, below. The first short segment addresses a mountain in Columbia that is “moving” so rapidly that they evacuated the work crews there because it is impacting the river at the foot of the mountain.

If the mountain continues to shift or “fall into” the river, it will affect thousands of folks and animals downstream. it may be no surprise that it’s not made the news in North America, but it is an critical concern and could affect many, qualifying as a natural disaster if something does not change.


Secondly, and maybe even wierder is the condition of Caracas, Venezuela according to the video images here. It seems to be a metropolis full of thriving individuals and completely stocked grocery shelves. huh?

The video below this post has an unmistakable “May 31” in a street scene in it, so it seems to be up-to-date footage.

Maybe we’ve jumped timelines, because our comprehension of the economy in Venezuela has been gloomy. We’re informed it’s a country in meltdown, folks are starving, the food and medicine have become depleted, and it’s not anticipated it will strengthen any time soon.

In December 2017 the New York Times circulated this headline, but it’s the associated photograph that got my interest. I am unable to copy and save the image so please click the link below and look at it.

In a Venezuela Ravaged by Inflation, ‘a Race for Survival’

The caption reads, “A couple looking at the newly increased prices for food in a store’s window display in Caracas. Venezuelans of all economic classes have been buffeted by sharply rising costs. “ Credit Meridith Kohut for The New York Times

My Spanish certainly is not very good, but when I view the word, “descuento”, it seems to resemble “discount” to me. This seems to be an graphic of shelves of food that have all been marked down 20-30%.

When I do the interpretation of “descuento”, I get discount, deduction, rebate, abate, knock off…

…so why is the post informing us food prices have jumped?

In January 2018 Reuters published headlines like this:

Caracas shops mobbed as Venezuela’s Maduro forces price cuts

Usually price cuts are a FANTASTIC thing.

This post claims prices go up and down considerably, and that when they go down, folks mob the stores and clean out the shops, but there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of food in the picture accompanying the New York Times post above in spite of prices attractively slashed by 20-30%. No mob. No looting.

In February the Washington Post informed us that parents are not able to feed their kids so they are leaving them at orphanages. Really?

On CNN online in January 2018 somebody reported that they can’t even get $1.00 out of a bank at any given time, even after standing in line for hours. Note the impressive music and violence in the video indicating that looting is rampant and the predicament dreadful.

Back in February of 2016 The Economist featured this account:

Bello: The endgame in Venezuela
Feb 4th 2016, 3:43 from Print edition

The country is on the brink of a social explosion that only a negotiated transition can prevent

A “negotiated transition”. Fascinating terminology. Is that New Age for a US-sponsored “coup d’état”?

The headlines I’m viewing above seem to be setting the stage for a huge disinformation campaign to justify an aided change of government. It seems to be “fake news”.

The accounts of the general situation read more like a magazine post than a factual, unbiased statement of the real status. They are pulling at the heart strings of the reader, injecting as much emotion as they possibly can. This is not responsible reporting-it’s manipulation. It’s propaganda. And that is why the mass media, the lamestream media in America, is losing its readership. Few trust them any more.

We are told President Maduro has done this, and that, can’t run the country properly and must be removed. Another regime change mandated by the cabal, possibly?

The United States enforced economic sanctions Monday on Venezuela for what it stated was the country’s “fraudulent” re-election of President Nicolas Maduro to a second six-year term. Source

Imposing economic sanctions because you don’t like who the people elected? What business is it of the US who Venezuelans elect? Is that why we are observing all the negative press about the state of affairs in Venezuela-because the globalists don’t like Maduro? He must be an unwilling puppet so they’re having a snit fit over it.

Even more interesting is the news included in the video that Venezuela sent 12 tones of food and supplies to Cuba after sub-tropical storm Alberto rolled through last weekend. Now, 12 tons isn’t a massive amount to us, but to a country of starving, dying folks it certainly would be.

Alberto made landfall in Cuba, contributing to seven deaths. Evidently it was devastating to the point they needed food and supplies brought in-again. No one is speaking about that here in American media yet it is covered in the Venezuelan news.

I suppose it would be counter-productive to the story to propose that Venezuela is an any way in a financial position to come to the aid of another country.

As an aside, that is the second major storm to ravage Cuba fairly recently. Last time we all heard about it in a huge way, and the United States dispatched the military with shiploads and planes of emergency resources, food and water. This time-I heard absolutely nothing at all. There is some mainstream coverage, but it’s quiet. I suppose we’re too occupied with important distractions.

So, what’s the true story in Venezuela?


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