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Qanon December 10 – Deep State Fake Out?

Written by JayWill7497

Utah U.S. attorney John Huber is a major figure in an entirely frenzied online conspiracy theory, and supporters are pinning their expectations squarely on his shoulders.

You may have got word of the QAnon conspiracy theory that burst into public view over the summer when numerous folks at a rally for President Donald Trump were noticed holding signs and donning T-shirts expressing “We are Q.”

If you are not acquainted with QAnon, here is the simple variant. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is a charade. The truth is, Trump and Mueller are operating collectively to reveal a monstrous global satanic pedophile ring which involves Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and many others. You will find likewise the idea that the Clintons, along with Obama and billionaire George Soros are arranging a coup d’eat in opposition to Trump.

In October of 2017, an anonymous operator also known as “Q Clearance Patriot,” eventually shortened to just “Q,” began publishing cryptic communications on 4chan. The operator was nicknamed “Q,’ which is a reference to Q-level security clearance, which is similar to top secret in the Department of Energy. That operator became identified as Q, and his supporters are QAnon.

The strange right-wing conspiracy is also referred to as “The Storm” and “The Great Awakening.”

The QAnon conspiracy quickly leaped back into the public awareness in late November when Vice President Mike Pence was photographed alongside a law enforcement officer who was donning a QAnon patch on his uniform. The law enforcement officer was eventually demoted.

So, how exactly does John Huber fit into this all?

Earlier this year, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions designated Huber to check into accusations of wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation, a preferred target for conservatives. He is at the same time investigating whether the FBI over used their power in surveiling Carter Page, a ex – aide to the Trump presidential campaign.

“Q” has been publishing considerably about Huber and his investigation into the Clinton Foundation and likely FISA abuses.

Huber was scheduled to testify about his investigation into the Clinton Foundation a week ago on December 5th, which Q detailed in his online content as “D5.” That testimony was meant to kick off a sequence of mass arrests of Trump’s political foes as the whole venture reached fruition.

That did not transpire simply because of the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush. However, it was not much of a drawback for supporters of the conspiracy theory, who observed the shutdown of the stock market and parts of the federal government as a prologue to Trump’s crackdown. As the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer, who covers the more fringe factors of the right wing in The us, recorded, believers found clues from “Q” everywhere related to the funeral.

Based on Jake Rockatansky, a QAnon analyst and co-host of the “Q Anon Anonymous” podcast, Huber is viewed as a type of messiah for the QAnon supporters.

“He’s investigating the Clinton Foundation and, so, of course, they believe that his testimony will expose such things as human trafficking and the ‘Uranium One’ scandal,” explained Rockatansky.

Rockatansky claims Huber’s participation fits beautifully into the overarching concept the QAnon supporters fervently believed.

“It goes along with their belief that ‘once the public is made aware’ there will be an avalanche of indictments and arrests, which will lead to military tribunals for those involved,” he stated. “The problem is, just enough has lined up for them to hold out hope. Huber will, at some point, testify about his investigation into the Clinton Foundation. If that doesn’t provide the outcome they’re hoping for, I have no idea the mental gymnastics Q diehards will have to do.”

Q has produced numerous spectacular predictions that have never come true. For instance:

In his initial “drop,” Q reported the extradition of Hillary Clinton was “already in motion.” He eventually softened that stating Clinton was “detained,” not really busted, which would cause substantial riots as a reaction.

Q reported that ex – Clinton campaign manager John Podesta would be indicted on November 3 and Clinton aide Huma Abedin would be indicted on November 6.

Q stated that President Trump would produce on his “MAGA promise” and clean house in the federal government on November 3.

Q has hinted the national guard would be activated in various major cities, which failed to occur. He also stated “evidence” of this would be unveiled on November 3.

Additional predictions by Q that failed to come true incorporate mass arrests of media members, the imposition of military control, and massive social media blackouts.
As has occurred in the past, some components of this conspiracy have crept into the mainstream media, primarily by way of right-wing hospitable outlets including Fox News, Brietbart and the like. Particularly, Huber and his investigation into the Clinton Foundation has grown to become a more recurrent talking point on Fox News programs over the past couple weeks.

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