Venus Mistaken For Mystical “Nibiru” Sparks End Times Frenzy

Written by JayWill7497

Numerous conspiracy theorists have began fighting that the rogue space body seen in Michigan next to the Sun is the sign of an appending apocalypse.

A unusual video uploaded by YouTuber ‘MrMBB333’ is currently the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and doomsday mongers. The video thought to have been taken by a Michigan resident exhibits a bright space body adjacent to the Sun in broad daylight.

In the video, ‘MrMBB333’ claimed that something peculiar is occurring in the skies. At first glimpse, the object seemed much smaller than the Sun, but its bright light was ample and more to protrude through the clouds. The eyewitness who shot the video moved his camera around the object frequently to demonstrate that the supposed space body is not the consequence of lens flare. During the runtime of the video, the object stayed in a fixed position in the sky, and it plainly reveals that the strange body is not lens flare.

The cameraman additionally recorded the object from three distinct locations to show that the sighting is genuine. The video uploaded by MrMBB333 soon went viral on YouTube, and it has already racked up more than 1,19,000 views.

After viewing the video, many of the audience contended that the peculiar object that hovered near the Sun could really be a massive alien mothership from deep space. These extraterrestrial believers also said that aliens are currently gearing up for a disclosure.

For now, some doomsday mongers have began assuring that Nibiru, the alleged rogue planet, widely identified as Planet X that will bring on the apocalypse on the planet has made an appearance in the skies. As per these doomsday mongers, the earth is now going through the end times, and the strange activities in the sky are in fact the fulfilment of biblical prophecies.

“Planet X, Wormwood, regardless of what you want to call it, it’s here, and it’s getting nearer, and the nearer it gets the more destruction it’ll bring,” commented I’m just passing through, a YouTube user.

”Smart man, it is definitely NOT an optical effect of his cam! Good eye! So… one of the forty-odd planets that John Lear says is actually in our system (the orange colour indicative of atmosphere filtering)? There is SO much we have not been told,” mentioned Tim Kennedy, another YouTuber.

A couple of months back, David Meade, one of the loud supporters of the Nibiru apocalypse hypothesis had reported that the killer planet will show up in the skies around June and December 2018. He also included that the appearance of Nibiru will result in a seven-year tribulation time period on the planet which will be recognized by a spectacular rise in natural disasters.

Despite the fact that conspiracy theorists appear confident about an upcoming apocalypse, NASA has deemed “Nibiru” as an internet hoax.

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