WWG1WGA??????? WTF! Ummmmm Not Really….. (Video)

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A month ago, right-wing “journalist” and Trump-loving conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin was booted off of Twitter, as a result of her propensity to utilize her account to harass and assault folks whom she feels to be component of a monstrous global pedophile ring that controls the globe, which amounts to essentially everybody who has ever denounced President Donald J. Trump.

Crokin’s belief that a international satanic pedophile ring exists may not be all that to far fetched, “Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day.” stated John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, they are referred to as the Little Barbies. Children, young girls and boys-some as young as 9 years old-are being purchased and marketed for sex in America. The typical age for a child being sold for sex is currently 13 years old.

This really is America’s dirty little secret, but to attack everyone that opposes Trump is insane.

For a long time, Crokin employed her Twitter account to market the QAnon and Pizzagate theories, but lately she has been downgraded to making use of her Instagram account since being regularly blacklisted in her attempts to creep back on to Twitter.

This past weekend, Crokin re-posted a video on her Instagram account from a different Instagram user utilizing the handle @RobotInteriors whereby a apparently pleasant young woman became increasingly vindictive as she cautioned James Alefantis-the proprietor of the Comet Ping Pong restaurant that is at the heart of the Pizzagate theory-that QAnon/Pizzagate activists “are super excited to watch you die” when he is ultimately held accountable for allegedly abusing kids.

FLI knew nothing about this @RobotInteriors account or the person behind it, but a contributor at Right Wing Watch chose to clip the video distributed by Crokin and published it to their Twitter account, as it presented a rather revealing illustration of the type of excessive perspectives held by those in the Qanon movement and its supporters.

Given the dynamics of the web, the lady behind the @RobotInteriors account then became the focus of mockery and criticism, and she consequently spent a good portion of the weekend responding to her critics prior to asserting that the stress of her now-viral video had triggered her Myofascial Pain Syndrome to surface and so she will be taking some time away while she recovers in a healthcare facility.

Sometime during all of this, Crokin evidently became troubled that the woman behind the @RobotInteriors account, whose real name is supposedly Mikaela Seales, was literally a “crisis actor” and mind-control subject who had been selected and planted in the MAGA/QAnon/Pizzgate movement in preparation for undertaking some sort of false flag operation developed to make the movement look negative, just as Cesar Sayoc, the alleged “MAGA Bomber,” had purportedly been.

Crokin removed her post marketing Seales’ video and shared her fears with an additional QAnon Twitter user who operates the @StormIsUponUs account, who then published a warning to the account’s more than 70,000 fans:


This clearly came as a total surprise to Seales, who responded with complete shock, expressing that Crokin is “evil” and component of the “deep state,” and alerting that no one should trust Crokin or the individual behind the @StormIsUponUs account.

Crokin then replied by publishing a message on her Instagram page stating that her dialogue with @StormIsUponUs was meant to be confidential and “was not supposed to be leaked” and the tweets were removed. But since the warning had already been made public, Crokin chose to clarify her fears that Seales “may possible be a Deep State plant”:

There are people who are controlled opposition. One of the many concerns that is worth scrutiny is that Mikaela is tied to Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s law firm Perkins Coie via the trustee on her bankruptcy. She denies having any affiliation with Clinton’s lawyers. However, her trustee, Brian Audette, is employed by Perkins Coie. This information is available open source on PACER. Perkins Coie is the same law firm that the Clinton Campaign and the DNC used to retain Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI. The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid 9.1 million dollars to Perkins. Also, I find it alarming she was part of the Resistance, was anti-Trump; posting photos of President Trump’s head on a stake in a parade; yet, sporadically starts to insist she’s pro QAnon. (Research her social media history.) James Alefantis, Philippe Reines & other members of the Cabal have made a point to draw attention to her. Hillary Clinton did the same thing with Alex Jones before the Comet Ping Pong false flag shooting. There’s more but the anons & my followers can do their own research & make up their own minds. I try to avoid feuds so I’m sorry this was leaked – it was an honest mistake. I have supported President Trump since he announced his run for presidency. He has supported my work too & so has General Flynn. One of my biggest concerns with all the information I’ve acquired, is that she may possibly be a Deep State plant. Please discern for yourselves.

Seales replied by conveying that she had to file for bankruptcy when she and her husband got divorced a year ago:

I swear when i didn’t even pay attn to most of that bankruptcy process. Have you ever done that?! We hired a private lawyer. The trustee I think is the the one who handled the financial expungement. But we had a private attorney and I didn’t even know Perkins Coie was involved. You’re learning when I am. I am super fucking embarrassed mainly because she splashed my husbands name on the internet. My married name is Seales. I wanted to avoid dragging him into this. Well that really fucking backfired in my face. Now people think one a crisis actor fall flag fill in the blanks whatever they’ll say to turn you against me.

Seales is currently demanding a retraction and an apology from Crokin and @TheStormIsUponUs, accusing them of slander and of publishing the private personal information of
her ex-husband, and is likely to seek the services of a attorney.

The slogan of the QAnon movement is WWG1WGA, which is short for “where we go one, we go all.”

So much for that crap.

Q-Anon is a psy-op similar to Edward Snowden, rallying some, scaring others, furthering the agenda of externalization of the hierarchy. Remember Q on Star Trek? This is another psyop. Controlled opposition. There are no insider good guys in this muck of deceit and confusion. QAnon is a construct. To what end? A rabbit trail that distracts ultimately. Look at the amount of energy going into the Q-Anon thing. Truther community has been corrupted.

 The “Deep State” is the Deep State! Folks are being PLAYED!!!!!!!!!

We know the next step is attempting to make pedophilia “”legal” … Literally …that’s on the way…so then just like they had these Hollywood and famous and political faces “coming out of the closet” over a several year scatter….to ease people into the idea, to get the shock to ease up over time…then a PUSH quickly to legalize marriage but the acceptance of homosexuality went on and on in many ways over a period of time..

This pedophile thing …is being pushed hard and fast…so they have the similar plan but doing it much more intense way.

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