The MAGA Movie Fully Explained 5:5 (Video)

Written by JayWill7497

The beginning of this video is agonizing to watch… but hang out. It gets significantly better… Considerably better!

You suspected it went something like this.

Is actually 100 % pure and complete enjoyment seeing all of these “Demoncrats!” Cry and basically lose their shit…Just because “Crooked Hill?” failed to win POTUS. You must to give TRUMP some credit for how he ran his campaign? He was hitting 3-4 cities every day! He was also battling the RNC, DNC, FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ, AG, UK?? Against all those odds? Mr. Donald J Trump won….WTF? While the DNC? (Believed they had the Presidency?) They didn’t even TRY to campaign? Because they believed Crooked Hill was going to be the 45th Potus? And the 1st female Potus ever? Question yourselves? Did it work for Crooked Hill?

It’s been close to 2 years? And the “Meuller Witch Hunt!” Has revealed NOTHING about “Russian Collusion?” Trump was Wiretapped! Obama weaponized the FBI & DOJ + CIA to leak material about Pres-elect Trump to the MSM? aka #FakeNews Almost everybody on the “Mueller Team?” Is either Clinton Foundation donors, lifelong DNC’ers, or just plain hated DJT?? IF “Q” is right? Which Q has never been proven wrong? There will so many DNC members arrested? I think the House and Congress will be all GOP?? Believe that someday “Q” will bring Justice once and for all!!! God bless and take care everyone that’s reading this…

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