FALSE FLAG Super Bowl LIII Subliminal Messages Anonymous Source Warns Patriots VS Rams (Video)

Written by JayWill7497

A false flag is an action carried out by a person or group, like a government or cabal, that is blamed on someone else to achieve a subversive goal. False flags pose as imminent threats to the security of a populace, when in fact they’re usually committed by that group’s own government.

Even if there’s is no “Event” at Super Bowl 53, there’s likely to be one before long! Keep your eyes open and if you see something, don’t say something, RUN! The Deep State is desperate and they need something MAJOR!!!

This is an urgent news announcement, based on information received from vetted sources both inside and outside the United States.

One thing is for certain is that they are constantly a great deal of steps in front of us. They are extremely intelligent with what they do and I am not certain that they plan on anybody predicting their major “Event”. It can’t be that easy for us to predict what they have been working towards since before we all were even born. Many folks predicted numerous things about the government shutdown and the next thing you know they reopen it for 3 weeks, cancelling out everybody’s predictions. Could be the same scenario with the Super Bowl, or perhaps not. Perhaps somebody could go ask our friend Q?

As we know, the brainwashing “entertainment” they supply us serves countless purposes which includes predictive programming, rituals, communication for elite, distractions, etc. We also understand that its scripted and pre planned, who participates in the super bowl and there are so many variables in why they select specific teams that we can figure some of it out but leaves us to guess about most of it because it goes way deeper than any of us can imagine.

In “The Sum of All Fears” Tom Clancy nuked the Super Bowl in Denver.

53 = 555 ultimate death!
Here is what I consider. In the football stadium scene. The 322 markings = 7 , movie came out in 2012 +7= 2019!
Then the punt returner’s number is 86. 86 days after the super bowl is May 1st. 2019 , the day of illuminati creation. The False flag will be a mini nuke detonated in a city like Chicago or more than one city and it will be in May 2019!


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