Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s State Of The Union Absence Has Twitter And Conspiracy Theorists Alike Going Nuts (Video)

Written by JayWill7497

She’s really been dead for weeks. Or is it months?

Supreme Court Justices have a irregular track record when it pertains to participating in the State of the Union address. Of the present 9 Justices, only Stephen Breyer has gone to each and every address since 2001. Subsequently, Justice Alito has not been in attendance since 2010.

Nevertheless this simple truth hasn’t dribbled down to fanatics of “QAnon” and other fringe conspiracy theorists, who has propagandized Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s no show from Tuesday evening’s address as additional proof that the Supreme Court Justice was, actually, departed, and that her passing was being concealed to prevent surrendering any more power to President Donald Trump.

Justice Ginsburg had been under tight medical oversight since last November, when she was hospitalized after falling and fracturing three ribs. While being taken care of for those problems, doctors found cancerous nodules in her left lung, for which she was afterwards operated upon with success in late December. Recovery for such treatments traditionally takes between 6 and 8 weeks. On Monday, the Washington Post noted that the Justice had made her first public appearance since that surgery at the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington?

This public appearance, on the other hand, was ignored by the more crazy conspiracy hawkers, countless of who habituate 4chan’s /pol/ board (which is itself a swarm of the far-right) to persist that a picture of Ginsburg from the event was bogus and that Ginsburg was dearly departed. Subsequently, QAnon fans – who have for the most part transferred to a Reddit knock-off site after being banished from Reddit – had even more sophisticated theories, which held that the event which Ginsburg supposedly went to was in fact her funeral because her robe and gavel were apparently set to the side of the stage.

The focus on Ginsburg’s month-long no show from the public spotlight started to ferment among the Q neighborhood earlier in January, when a posting by Q inquired “Who is managing her [Ginsburg’s] care? Who is ‘really’ managing her care? The clock is ticking. PANIC IN DC.”

This was then noticed by affiliates of the pro-Trump media, who aided to further propagate the plot. Known right-wing swindler Jacob Wohl, in particular, has been hinting at the QAnon theory by continuously questioning where Justice Ginsburg is and why selected speaking events have been cancelled. Jack Posobiec, one more pro-Trump poster, has also pointed out the cancelled events, while ex – Trump adviser and consistent Fox News contributor Sebastian Gorka tweeted last week that there was “still no sign” of Ginsburg and that she only had 6 days until she should make her “official appearance” at the State of the Union. (Supreme Court Justices are not forced to go to the State of the Union; the only Justices who went on Tuesday evening were Elena Kagan, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Chief Justice John Roberts.)

But even while the “Ginsburg is dead” conspiracy meme might seem a laughable instance of grasping at straws, the broader QAnon community is growing increasingly distressed with the lack of arrests of “Deep State” members like George Soros and Hillary Clinton. A week ago, in particular, QAnon supporter and noted pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Liz Cronkin warned that, unless there were mass arrests before long, there would be “vigilante justice.”

While Trump was delivering his first speech as president to a joint congress, one troubling question was worrying Twitter. And for once, it wasn’t about Trump – at least not completely.

Social media was distressing over the very visible absence of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Justices Anthony Kennedy, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan all went to the address, court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg affirmed. Conservative Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas did not attend, but that has been their tradition in recent years.

But Justice Ginsburg had went to all eight of ex – President Obama’s speeches, and Twitter rapidly erupted with questions concerning her whereabouts.

What I believe took place was this:

She had a surgery that would normally kill someone her age
She had complications
The establishment freaked out, and didn’t want any of that in the media
There was a media blackout of her problematic recovery
She eventually at least partially recovered
It is super weird though to have her be gone for over a month and then have her first appearance at an event with no camera. And to have no one take a cellphone picture of her.

The truth that the entire media can come together and claim to have seen something with their own eyes and have a huge number of folks accuse them of just flat-out lying about it is telling. We do not live in a high trust society any longer

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